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The Basics

Name: Sarena Lengton

Race: Human

Physical Age: 17

Actual Age: 17

Birthday: February 3rd

Sign: Aquarius (Air)

Hair: Reddish brown

Eyes: Ocean Blue

Interactions With Others

Friends: Kyden, Cait, Isabelle, Jayden, Kesyl

Enemies: Avish, Ruby, Zakariah (she thinks he hates her)
The Moonbeam

Crush(es): Kyden, Kesyl

Pet(s): None (yet)

Hot and Not

Hobbies: Sarena has been training as a ballet dancer for years and she is extremely passionate about that. She can be a bit of a shopaholic, and thanks to Kyden has studied a decent amount of martial arts / self defense.

Favorite Food: Any kind of pasta is an instant win, but her absolute favorite is cheese capaletti.

Dream Car: (Wants it)

Up Close and Personal

Best Quality: Sarena has a very happy bubbly personality that allows her to make friends really easy. It's really, really hard not to like her.

Worst Quality: Sometimes Sarena can be a bit of a brat when she doesn't get what she wants from people. She knows people like her and can be a little devious in letting them do things or buy things for her.

Greatest Strengths: Sarena has been blessed by the Dark Prophets and Zakariah. She has the ability to manipulate an Immortal's powers and use them as her own, but since she is human this is incredibly draining and she can't do it for long. She has been trained to use speed as a weapon and can fight decently well unarmed or with twin daggers.

Greatest Fears: Sarena can be a major wuss. She is afraid of fire, the dark, heights and confined spaces. She dislikes ketchup because it reminds her of blood, risks vomiting if she smells actual blood and risks fainting if she sees blood--especially if it is her own. Sarena also has a tendency to blame herself for things, whether they were within her power to control or not.

Sarena's Music Quote
Here We go
Welcome to my Funeral
Without you
I don't even have a pulse
All alone it's dark and cold
With every move I die

Here I go this is my confessional
A lost cause nobody can save my soul
I am so delusional
With every move I die

-- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes by Ke$ha


Sarena grew up with her family in Belleville, thinking she was a regular human girl. She spent most of her time with her older brother, Jayden, who was her best friend. That all changed one day when she was fifteen. She met Kyden, the God of Plagues (though she doesn't know this) and he bought her a pair of boots.

Sarena was excited and when she came home she rushed to show the boots to Jayden. But rather then being happy, he was horrified. He showed Sarena what he had learned--that their mother worked for Godless, and was killing kids who started to gain magic powers. Sarena didn't understand exactly why this was a problem, until Jayden showed her that he could wield fire. It became her problem when the flames made a trophy shelf disconnect from the wall, bonking her on the head and sending her to the Underworld.

Now, Sarena has been tasked with a mission by Zakariah, the Lord of Judgement. She must find Prince Kesyl Veradayne and get him to open a portal to the Underworld so Zakariah can take his soul. There's just one little problem: now that Sarena has found him, she is falling for him. Sarena knows she can't avoid Zakariah forever, but there has to be a way to save her life and the boy she loves. Right?


The Basics

Name: Kesyl Veradayne

Race: Immortal

Physical Age: 18

Actual Age: 18

Birthday: November 3rd

Sign: Scorpio (Water)

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Silver

Interactions With Others

Friends: Amy, Sarena

Enemies: Kyden, Zakariah, Avish, Jayden

Crush(es): Sarena

Pet(s): None (yet)

Hot and Not

Hobbies: Kess finds cooking relaxing (and likes the girls find it impressive.) He collects cars, his favorite being a Pagani Zonde F that he hasn't even driven yet (it's sitting in his garage). He likes water sports, like surfing, swimming and white water rafting, and winter sports like hockey, skiing, and snowboarding. He is also a good dancer, both of traditional ballroom styles and of ballet (which he learns to impress Sarena. Immortals can learn things really fast.)

Favorite Food: Anything that combines a wide variety of flavors--casseroles, lasagna, ravioli, stews... the sky's the limit.

Dream Car: (He owns it.)

Up Close and Personal

Best Quality: Despite having many things standing against him--wealth, power, fame, good looks... Kesyl is actually a really nice guy. He wants people around him who really want to be there because of him. And he would do anything for them.

Worst Quality: Kesyl can hide this warm, sweet center behind a really hard shell. He recently suffered a really awful betrayal by his best friend and his girlfriend and it's flipped his whole world upside down. People do weird stuff when they're in pain, and Kesyl is no exception.

Greatest Strengths: Kesyl is a Sealer, but he still doesn't really understand his powers, since he's never had anyone to really teach him how to use them. Sealing magic is from the Underworld and it really scares people. Kesyl has much better control of his use of water and ice. He is a solid fighter, both unarmed and with a sword and shield. A power unique to him, he can take away peoples' pain from injuries by forcing it into his own body.

Greatest Fears: Like all of Water, Kesyl is terrified of the thought of being buried alive / trapped and unable to escape a confined space. He also fears that people only like him for the nice things he can buy them. He doesn't necessarily feel he is unlovable, like Zakariah. Rather, he fears that there will always be someone that anyone who gets close to him will value more as a friend or be more in love with.

Kesyl's Music Quote
I'm lettin' go of all my lonely yesterdays
I've forgiven myself for the mistakes I've made
Now there's just one thing, the only thing I wanna do
I wanna love somebody, love somebody like you.

Somebody Like You by Keith Urban


Kesyl has felt like a shunned outsider his entire life. The only person who loved him as a young boy was Carita, the ex-moon priestess who had saved him from death while she was still a girl herself. Growing up around a steady stream of people who were hostile toward him, terrified of him, or a mix of the two, Kesyl learned to keep mostly to himself.

When he saved Amy and opened the veil so the Kindred could escape to Earth, Kesyl hoped his troubles might be over and he might have a shot at a fresh start. Unfortunately, some of those who escaped the destruction of Zynedia were priests of Ruby and they threatened to reveal Zakariah's powers to the humans if Carita would not agree to have his Sealing magic bound to a Protector.

Kesyl went through several candidates over the years, until finally the position was taken by his best friend, Jayden Lengton. Kesyl thought that this was a good solution to balancing his extremely unstable powers, right up until the day that he caught Jayden in bed with his girlfriend, Jessica.

Since then, the connection between the two has suffered greatly and it's only a manner of time before it may snap completely. When Jayden's little sister, Sarena, needs Kesyl's help, Kesyl hatches a plan to get back at his ex-friend and ends up with far more then he bargained for. Which will win: vengence or love?


The Basics
Name: Zakariah

Race: Immortal

Physical Age: 20

Actual Age: 10,000

Birthday: December 13th

Sign: Sagitarius (fire)

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Dark Blue

Interactions With Others

Friends: Kyden, Sarena

Enemies: Kesyl, Avish

Crush(es): Cait, Amy

Pet(s): Cerberus and Cujo, the three headed miniature hell hounds.

Hot and Not

Hobbies: Zakariah likes to read, talk his dogs for walks and spend time with his dragon, Onyx. He tries to get Cait to go into New Haven with him but she hates him from word go and wants nothing to do with him. He doesn't meet Amy in book one, so my lips are sealed there. ;)

Favorite Food: Zakariah has never been born, has never had food and has never had an interest in trying it. When Cait showed up this changed, but he wanted to experience it with her and she wouldn't go anywhere with him so he still hasn't gotten to taste any food to *have* a favorite.

Dream Car: (Who needs a car when you've got this?)

Artwork by Snail-City.

Up Close and Personal

Best Quality: If Zakariah truly loves someone he cannot hold a grudge. People he really cares about are so few and so infrequent that he is desperate to protect them from everything--including himself. No matter what mistakes they make.

Worst Quality: Zakariah's temper is like a volcano--it likes to explode. He is a very powerful fire mage, and a Sealer to boot. He has to be very careful to keep his temper in check, especially when upset with someone who matters to him, or he could very seriously (and permanently) hurt them.

Greatest Strengths: Zakariah is the God of Judgement. He can take people's souls and is one of a handful of people who can open the veil between Earth and the Underworld. He knows how to possess people and is willing to do this if necessary, despite how much of a strain it is for him. On top of this, he is very smart and is a very powerful fire mage. You really don't wanna fight this guy.

Greatest Fears: Zakariah is afraid that he will remained trapped in the Underworld forever. He wants to go to Earth and experience what it means to be alive. He feels that the fact that he hasn't is impacting him as a Judge for the Dead. He also wants to find someone who will actually love him, but he secretly wonders if there is something about him that is inherently unlovable.

Zakariah's Music Quote
Ever and ever, sweetly you'll romance her
Trouble is the answer will be
That Amy'd rather stay in love with me.

Once In Love With Amy by Frank Sinatra


Zakariah was Ruby and Darius' first son, born thousands of years ago when they actually got along. Things turned sour between them when Lucian criticized Ruby's constant need for more power and control. She fled the Underworld and expected Zakariah to do the same. However, he agreed with his father. In her rage Ruby cursed him, saying that since he was forcing her to flee the Underworld alone, that he would spend his life alone as well.

Lucian tried to console Zakariah, telling him that her powers would no longer work here and that what she had cursed him with wasn't something that was actually under her control. Unknown to them, though, Ruby took the scroll that was to be dropped into the Soul Well to summon Zakariah a body. Without it, he became trapped in the Underworld.

Lucian eventually came up with a plan to get Zakariah's body and soul united, but when Ruby realized what was going on, she and her priests used magic to bar Zakariah's soul from entering the body. Because of this, Kesyl's soul did and that is how he came into being.

Since then, Zakariah has been waiting for a chance to somehow oust Kesyl's soul from the body that was meant to be his. When Sarena comes to the Underworld because of smoke inhalation, Zakariah uses it as an opportunity to have someone track Zakariah down and lead him to his doom. If he plays his cards right, he might be able to experience being alive with the girl he pledged himself to. But when Sarena returns and has obviously fallen in love with Kesyl, Zakariah has new problems to face that he never expected. Let them be happy? Or proceed with his plan to have Sarena for himself?


The Basics

Name: Amelia Farrow

Race: Kindred

Physical Age: 18

Actual Age: 18

Birthday: February 17th

Sign: Aquarius (Air)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Chocolate Brown

Interactions With Others

Friends: Kesyl, Jayden, Sarena

Enemies: Isabelle, Ruby

Crush(es): Jayden, Zakariah (she thinks he is only fictional!)

Pet(s): None (yet)

Hot and Not

Hobbies: Amy is a science geek and book obsessed romance blogger. Her favorite book is called 'To Love A Dark Lord' and is a fictional account of a girl journeying to the Underworld and falling in love with the God of Judgement, Zakariah. (Gee, I wonder who that's *going* to be? ;) )

Favorite Food: Chinese (Usually an egg roll, chicken fried rice and chicken balls.)

Dream Car: (Owns it)

Up Close and Personal

Best Quality: Amy is really, really smart. She has a photographic memory and her book addiction makes her knowledgeable on a wide range of topics.

Worst Quality: Amy can be really socially inept. She doesn't know when to quit babbling about random things when she is around strangers and when they push to a new subject she takes it as a cue to shut up and goes completely silent.

Greatest Strengths: On top of her smarts, Amy is a very gifted healer and is a good shot with a bow. She can hold her own in a bad situation if she has to, but is of most help patching everyone up once it blows over.

Greatest Fears: Amy has a constant feeling that she does not fit in. Kesyl treats her like she is his little sister, but she's not Immortal. Sarena is nice to her, but Amy knows Sarena is in a different league then her. Jayden will talk to her, but has no interest in her romantically. She can get very depressed.

Amy's Music Quote
Wait for the day
You go away
Knowing that you warned me
Of the price I'd have to pay.

And life's full of loss
Who knows the cost
Of living in a memory
Of a love that never was. 

-- Long, Long Time by Mindy McCready


When everything was going to hell during the impending destruction of Zynedia, Amy almost died.

Tremors had started to shake the ground, causing buildings to break apart. Amy was trapped under some of that rubble. Kesyl, who was traveling with Carita and a bunch of frightened Moon Priests, saw her and lifted the debris away. When he realized her ankle was broken, he picked Amy up and carried her through the veil. The two have been like siblings ever since.

It has been easy living without her parents on a totally new planet. But her smarts have helped Amy adapt well for the most part. She is known to the Kindred as a medical prodigy and is well respected by people far beyond her age. It's other teens who tend to leave Amy frustrated and confused. They just don't get her and she doesn't get them either.

When Jayden came to Hycanth Amy did everything in her power to befriend him, even going so far as to take his side over Kesyl's as he navigated the social ladder of Hycanth House and came out the clear victor. Jayden has welcomed Amy's friendship, but seems totally oblivious that she likes him as anything more.

Now that Amy is friends with Sarena, can she finally learn a way to win Jayden over? Or will she find that he really isn't the guy she thinks he is?


The Basics

Name: Cait McClure

Race: Half Immortal

Physical Age: 17

Actual Age: 17

Birthday: September 5th

Sign: Virgo (Earth)

Hair: Chocolate Brown

Eyes: Forest Green

Interactions With Others

Friends: Sarena, Isabelle

Enemies: Zakariah

Crush(es): Avish

Pet(s): Her pet cactus, Milton

Hot and Not

Hobbies: Gardening, reading, making jewelry, writing for the Sterling Gazette.

Favorite Food: Reese Peanut Butter Cups. The two best flavors in the world, put together. What's not to love?

Dream Car: (Wants it)

Up Close and Personal

Best Quality: Cait wants to be friends with everybody and has a very kind and open heart.

Worst Quality: Cait has really low self esteem. Cait does not value herself enough. She is not judgemental of others, yet beats herself up for not being as thin as she'd like. She feels like she's third best out of her friends.

Greatest Strengths: Cait has an incredibly mastery of earth magic that is beyond her years. She can communicate with animals and plants and they will do her bidden. She can also summon food and clothes, provided they are made of natural ingredients.

Greatest Fears: Cait is afraid that her birth father, the Immortal Darius, will realize she has powers and that he will come (or send someone to come) and kill her. Cait does not know what happens to an Immortal after they die and she is worried about what it would do to her mother and step father.

Cait's Music Quote
My body is sanctuary
My blood is pure
You want me bad
I think you're cool
But I'm not sure.

-- Electric Chapel by Lady Gaga


Cait is the daughter of Darius, the God of the Sun, and Mary Anne McClure.

Darius decided that the best way to get Ruby's brother, Avish, to rejoin them would be to create a girl who might spark his interest. He went to Earth and seduced Mary Anne. Cait was born shortly after.

What Mary Anne didn't know was that her little girl carries one of the four lost orbs inside her body. When Cait was nine, Darius decided to take her 'camping'. He used an Iscaroti dagger to bleed Cait and offered her blood to the Underworld, figuring that the God of Famine wouldn't be able to resist it.

Avish did not fall for the bait. In fact, he used it against Darius. He took the blood offering and infused it into a cactus seed. He then had Twylla place the seed in a pot and switch it for a plant growing project Cait had to do for school. Cait was immediately attracted to the cactus and the power Avish had infused it with, combined with her blood and her Earth magic, turned it into a pet slightly smarter then your average cat or dog.

Darius decided that Cait's blood must be too diluted to be of value, so he left the McClures to fend for themselves. Cait has kept her powers very well hidden, not wanting her father to return. But dealing with the powers of an Earth Goddess and the hormones of a teenage girl all at once really sucks. When Cait realizes that Avish has come to Earth, and that she may be the key that can keep anyone else from needing to die, will she have the courage to approach him?