Thursday, October 18, 2012


The Basics

Name: Amelia Farrow

Race: Kindred

Physical Age: 18

Actual Age: 18

Birthday: February 17th

Sign: Aquarius (Air)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Chocolate Brown

Interactions With Others

Friends: Kesyl, Jayden, Sarena

Enemies: Isabelle, Ruby

Crush(es): Jayden, Zakariah (she thinks he is only fictional!)

Pet(s): None (yet)

Hot and Not

Hobbies: Amy is a science geek and book obsessed romance blogger. Her favorite book is called 'To Love A Dark Lord' and is a fictional account of a girl journeying to the Underworld and falling in love with the God of Judgement, Zakariah. (Gee, I wonder who that's *going* to be? ;) )

Favorite Food: Chinese (Usually an egg roll, chicken fried rice and chicken balls.)

Dream Car: (Owns it)

Up Close and Personal

Best Quality: Amy is really, really smart. She has a photographic memory and her book addiction makes her knowledgeable on a wide range of topics.

Worst Quality: Amy can be really socially inept. She doesn't know when to quit babbling about random things when she is around strangers and when they push to a new subject she takes it as a cue to shut up and goes completely silent.

Greatest Strengths: On top of her smarts, Amy is a very gifted healer and is a good shot with a bow. She can hold her own in a bad situation if she has to, but is of most help patching everyone up once it blows over.

Greatest Fears: Amy has a constant feeling that she does not fit in. Kesyl treats her like she is his little sister, but she's not Immortal. Sarena is nice to her, but Amy knows Sarena is in a different league then her. Jayden will talk to her, but has no interest in her romantically. She can get very depressed.

Amy's Music Quote
Wait for the day
You go away
Knowing that you warned me
Of the price I'd have to pay.

And life's full of loss
Who knows the cost
Of living in a memory
Of a love that never was. 

-- Long, Long Time by Mindy McCready


When everything was going to hell during the impending destruction of Zynedia, Amy almost died.

Tremors had started to shake the ground, causing buildings to break apart. Amy was trapped under some of that rubble. Kesyl, who was traveling with Carita and a bunch of frightened Moon Priests, saw her and lifted the debris away. When he realized her ankle was broken, he picked Amy up and carried her through the veil. The two have been like siblings ever since.

It has been easy living without her parents on a totally new planet. But her smarts have helped Amy adapt well for the most part. She is known to the Kindred as a medical prodigy and is well respected by people far beyond her age. It's other teens who tend to leave Amy frustrated and confused. They just don't get her and she doesn't get them either.

When Jayden came to Hycanth Amy did everything in her power to befriend him, even going so far as to take his side over Kesyl's as he navigated the social ladder of Hycanth House and came out the clear victor. Jayden has welcomed Amy's friendship, but seems totally oblivious that she likes him as anything more.

Now that Amy is friends with Sarena, can she finally learn a way to win Jayden over? Or will she find that he really isn't the guy she thinks he is?

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