Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The Basics

Name: Avish Grendell

Race: Immortal

Physical Age: 19

Actual Age: 2,000

Birthday: January 17th

Sign: Capricorn (Earth)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Amber

Interactions With Others

Friends: Kyden, Ruby (sometimes), Isabelle

Enemies: Sarena, Kesyl, Zakariah

Crush(es): Cait

Pet(s): None (for now)

Hot and Not

Hobbies: When he's not seeking hot fresh human blood, Avish likes to play video games. He thinks the home console devices are pretty cool, but he is especially fond of handheld game systems that he can use while waiting for the right meal to come along. As he gets to know Cait, Avish gets into TV a bit more and grows just a little addicted to the internet.

Favorite Food: Blood, preferably Cait's. He does develop a fondness for pizza, though.

Dream Car: (Owns it.)

Purchased after learning the hard way that
humans tend to freak if they see a panther
running down the street. 

Up Close and Personal

Best Quality: Avish doesn't love often, but when he does he loves deeply and loyally.

Worst Quality: Avish can be extremely vengeful if he feels that he has been wronged. He will stop at nothing to make a victim of his wrath suffer.

Greatest Strengths: Avish is a master of Earth magic, who tends to specialize in a sub-field called Glamour. If he gets a strand of someone's hair, the finger nail clippings, etc. he can take on their form. If he kills them he can change to their appearance indefinitely.

Greatest Fears: Avish is afraid he is unlovable. It's not something he would ever tell anyone, but he has essentially given up the hope that anyone could ever want him. (Freeing him to behave in any way he wishes.) Then Cait comes along...

Avish's Music Quote
This world keeps on spinning
Only she stills my heart
She's my inspiration
She's my northern star

-- In Her Eyes by Josh Groban


Meet Count Dracula. Or not.

Ever wonder how vampires became all the rage? Meet the man who used the undead to inflict fear or fame--whichever would successfully get him a full belly of hot, fresh blood. Avish is one of the youngest Gods alive. Only Lacey (deceased), Kesyl and Cait are younger. Having only been alive for 1,000 years wen the Shadow War happened and he became the God of Famine, Avish took quite a while to get his powers under control--and still struggles when he journeys to Earth.

Ruby and Darius have been trying to get Avish back for centuries, but he is disgusted by their actions and has done everything in his power to refuse their offers of friendship. However, when Ruby offers to restore Avish and Kyden's real powers if they kill Kesyl, Avish is finally all ears. Will he succeed or will something--or someone--get in his way?

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