Thursday, October 18, 2012


The Basics

Name: Cait McClure

Race: Half Immortal

Physical Age: 17

Actual Age: 17

Birthday: September 5th

Sign: Virgo (Earth)

Hair: Chocolate Brown

Eyes: Forest Green

Interactions With Others

Friends: Sarena, Isabelle

Enemies: Zakariah

Crush(es): Avish

Pet(s): Her pet cactus, Milton

Hot and Not

Hobbies: Gardening, reading, making jewelry, writing for the Sterling Gazette.

Favorite Food: Reese Peanut Butter Cups. The two best flavors in the world, put together. What's not to love?

Dream Car: (Wants it)

Up Close and Personal

Best Quality: Cait wants to be friends with everybody and has a very kind and open heart.

Worst Quality: Cait has really low self esteem. Cait does not value herself enough. She is not judgemental of others, yet beats herself up for not being as thin as she'd like. She feels like she's third best out of her friends.

Greatest Strengths: Cait has an incredibly mastery of earth magic that is beyond her years. She can communicate with animals and plants and they will do her bidden. She can also summon food and clothes, provided they are made of natural ingredients.

Greatest Fears: Cait is afraid that her birth father, the Immortal Darius, will realize she has powers and that he will come (or send someone to come) and kill her. Cait does not know what happens to an Immortal after they die and she is worried about what it would do to her mother and step father.

Cait's Music Quote
My body is sanctuary
My blood is pure
You want me bad
I think you're cool
But I'm not sure.

-- Electric Chapel by Lady Gaga


Cait is the daughter of Darius, the God of the Sun, and Mary Anne McClure.

Darius decided that the best way to get Ruby's brother, Avish, to rejoin them would be to create a girl who might spark his interest. He went to Earth and seduced Mary Anne. Cait was born shortly after.

What Mary Anne didn't know was that her little girl carries one of the four lost orbs inside her body. When Cait was nine, Darius decided to take her 'camping'. He used an Iscaroti dagger to bleed Cait and offered her blood to the Underworld, figuring that the God of Famine wouldn't be able to resist it.

Avish did not fall for the bait. In fact, he used it against Darius. He took the blood offering and infused it into a cactus seed. He then had Twylla place the seed in a pot and switch it for a plant growing project Cait had to do for school. Cait was immediately attracted to the cactus and the power Avish had infused it with, combined with her blood and her Earth magic, turned it into a pet slightly smarter then your average cat or dog.

Darius decided that Cait's blood must be too diluted to be of value, so he left the McClures to fend for themselves. Cait has kept her powers very well hidden, not wanting her father to return. But dealing with the powers of an Earth Goddess and the hormones of a teenage girl all at once really sucks. When Cait realizes that Avish has come to Earth, and that she may be the key that can keep anyone else from needing to die, will she have the courage to approach him?

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