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The Basics

Name: Kesyl Veradayne

Race: Immortal

Physical Age: 18

Actual Age: 18

Birthday: November 3rd

Sign: Scorpio (Water)

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Silver

Interactions With Others

Friends: Amy, Sarena

Enemies: Kyden, Zakariah, Avish, Jayden

Crush(es): Sarena

Pet(s): None (yet)

Hot and Not

Hobbies: Kess finds cooking relaxing (and likes the girls find it impressive.) He collects cars, his favorite being a Pagani Zonde F that he hasn't even driven yet (it's sitting in his garage). He likes water sports, like surfing, swimming and white water rafting, and winter sports like hockey, skiing, and snowboarding. He is also a good dancer, both of traditional ballroom styles and of ballet (which he learns to impress Sarena. Immortals can learn things really fast.)

Favorite Food: Anything that combines a wide variety of flavors--casseroles, lasagna, ravioli, stews... the sky's the limit.

Dream Car: (He owns it.)

Up Close and Personal

Best Quality: Despite having many things standing against him--wealth, power, fame, good looks... Kesyl is actually a really nice guy. He wants people around him who really want to be there because of him. And he would do anything for them.

Worst Quality: Kesyl can hide this warm, sweet center behind a really hard shell. He recently suffered a really awful betrayal by his best friend and his girlfriend and it's flipped his whole world upside down. People do weird stuff when they're in pain, and Kesyl is no exception.

Greatest Strengths: Kesyl is a Sealer, but he still doesn't really understand his powers, since he's never had anyone to really teach him how to use them. Sealing magic is from the Underworld and it really scares people. Kesyl has much better control of his use of water and ice. He is a solid fighter, both unarmed and with a sword and shield. A power unique to him, he can take away peoples' pain from injuries by forcing it into his own body.

Greatest Fears: Like all of Water, Kesyl is terrified of the thought of being buried alive / trapped and unable to escape a confined space. He also fears that people only like him for the nice things he can buy them. He doesn't necessarily feel he is unlovable, like Zakariah. Rather, he fears that there will always be someone that anyone who gets close to him will value more as a friend or be more in love with.

Kesyl's Music Quote
I'm lettin' go of all my lonely yesterdays
I've forgiven myself for the mistakes I've made
Now there's just one thing, the only thing I wanna do
I wanna love somebody, love somebody like you.

Somebody Like You by Keith Urban


Kesyl has felt like a shunned outsider his entire life. The only person who loved him as a young boy was Carita, the ex-moon priestess who had saved him from death while she was still a girl herself. Growing up around a steady stream of people who were hostile toward him, terrified of him, or a mix of the two, Kesyl learned to keep mostly to himself.

When he saved Amy and opened the veil so the Kindred could escape to Earth, Kesyl hoped his troubles might be over and he might have a shot at a fresh start. Unfortunately, some of those who escaped the destruction of Zynedia were priests of Ruby and they threatened to reveal Zakariah's powers to the humans if Carita would not agree to have his Sealing magic bound to a Protector.

Kesyl went through several candidates over the years, until finally the position was taken by his best friend, Jayden Lengton. Kesyl thought that this was a good solution to balancing his extremely unstable powers, right up until the day that he caught Jayden in bed with his girlfriend, Jessica.

Since then, the connection between the two has suffered greatly and it's only a manner of time before it may snap completely. When Jayden's little sister, Sarena, needs Kesyl's help, Kesyl hatches a plan to get back at his ex-friend and ends up with far more then he bargained for. Which will win: vengence or love?

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