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The Basics

Name: Kyden Argentos

Race: Immortal

Physical Age: 21

Actual Age: 10,000

Birthday: May 13th

Sign: Gemini (Air)

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Violet

Interactions With Others

Friends: Sarena, Avish, Zakariah

Enemies: Ruby, Jayden

Crush(es): Sarena

Pet(s): None (for now)

Hot and Not

Hobbies: Kyden is nuts about home decorating, especially when it comes to decorating for holidays and themes. Since he can use magic, he tends to change the color of the walls in his house every other week. He also likes cooking, and calls Sarena his 'guinea pig' because she tests everything he makes.

A very social person by nature, Kyden is very into doing charity work and likes going out to do things like dance, go to concerts, attend fairs and festivals, etc. He tries to keep his life fun and exciting to counter how he feels about being the God of Plagues.

Favorite Food: Submarine Sandwiches. He likes the fact that there are a million different ways to prepare them. His favorite is generally assorted, though.

Dream Car: (Owns it)

Up Close and Personal

Best Quality: Kyden has a quirky sense of humor and is not afraid to use it.

Worst Quality: Kyden can turn on someone in three seconds if they do something that pisses him off.

Greatest Strengths: Kyden is a master of air magic and time magic. He can also control plagues. He uses all of his skills together when he fights, making him a force to be reckoned with. He also likes to use the air magic to play around. He particularly likes to pick up Sarena, leap into the air, and fly.

Greatest Fears: Kyden is afraid of losing those he truly loves. He was completely devastated when Lacey died and during his first few centuries as the God of Plagues, he made life on Earth pretty miserable. (Black Plague, anyone?)

Kyden's Music Quote
Maybe I want you like the roses want the rain,
You know I need you like a poet needs the pain,

And I would give anything--
My blood, my love, my life,
If you were in these arms tonight. 

-- In These Arms by Bon Jovi


Kyden was originally the God of Healing.

When the Shadow War happened, and his fiancee Lacey sacrificed herself to save him, however, he leapt from the Sky Realm with his friends Avish, Twylla and Manaki.

Lucian, the King of the Underworld, opened a portal which caused them to land in the Underworld. Unfortunately, their hasty decent gave him too little time to be sure where they would land. The four Sky Gods landed in the River of Ruin and their powers were ripped from their body, trapped within orbs, and scattered.

Lucian gave them dark powers so that they would survive (an Immortal must have a purpose or they will cease to be). Kyden became the God of Plagues, a job he detests but did not want to entrust to any of the younger deities who had escaped with him.

Kyden has walked a fine line between master and madman, between protecting and plaguing both the Zynedian and Human races. For what he is and has done, he's pretty well put together. But 'only slightly crazy' is still, at least in part, crazy.

Sarena has become the light of Kyden's life and he will not let anyone else have her easily. He has guarded her from the moment of her birth, determined that nothing and no one will make her life anything less then perfect. However, as Lucian often says, humans have free will and it is often those close to her that leave Kyden with the most to fear.

As she and Kesyl grow closer, Kyden finds himself facing two problems: (1) Why didn't he tell Sarena how he felt about her sooner? and (2) Is letting go and letting her be with Kesyl the best thing for her, or should he tell her the truth?

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