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The Basics

Name: Rubianna 'Ruby' Grendell

Race: Immortal

Physical Age: 23

Actual Age: 10,000+ (A lady never tells.)

Birthday: October 8th

Sign: Libra (Air)

Hair: Pale Blonde

Eyes: Silver

Interactions With Others

Friends: Darius (sometimes), Avish (sometimes)

Enemies: Kesyl, Sarena

Crush(es): Kyden

Pet(s):  Jayden

Hot and Not

Hobbies: Blogs at 'Timeless Beauty'. Likes to watch daytime soap operas. Is obsessed with makeup and clothes. Enjoys following celebrity gossip.

Favorite Food: Chocolate, in all its many forms. The more rich and decadent, the better.

Dream Car: (Owns it)

Up Close and Personal

Best Quality: Ruby is very resourceful and can be charming when she wants to.

Worst Quality: Ruby will use anyone to get what she wants. She is not above manipulation and does not care if others get hur as she strives to achieve her goals.

Greatest Strengths: Ruby is a master of air magic. She is very graceful, can float (though not fly, like Kyden), moves really fast and can carry messages on the breeze or speak telepathically if she wants to.

Greatest Fears: Like most who are of air, Ruby is very frightened of fire. Unlike most of air, she has worked for centuries on a method to allow her to wield it effectively.

Ruby's Music Quote
Every lifeline leads its own way to the heavens
But I have seen you run in circles, unforgiven
Is there anything in this world that can make you stop?!
Oh, you're a machine!

-- Machine by Josh Groban


Ruby was one of the First, the original council of Gods and Goddesses. Technically just an alien race, the Immortals decided to use their magic to travel the universe and cultivate foreign planets. They became associated with the terms Gods and Goddesses because on many of the young planets where they shared knowledge, the local sentient life would recognize them as physical manifestations of whatever they already believed in.

Throughout the centuries the various Gods and Goddesses came to terms with this in their own ways. Ruby was one of those to fully embrace it. She adores being worshiped, and this burning desire for power, adoration and control is what has made her the woman she is today.

A thousand years ago, Ruby and her best friend Darius devised a plot to overthrow the other deities of the Sky Realm and become the only Immortals remaining. There were great casualties during the Shadow War, but the overall goal was somewhat thwarted by the young Goddess of Change, Lacey. Because of her, four of the Sky Gods, including Ruby's little brother, Avish, managed to flee by jumping from the sky and landing in the Underworld.

Speeding forward to modern times, Ruby decided that she wanted to have a child. She organized an athletics competition for her male followers on the planet Zynedia, with the prize being the privilege of being father to her demi-God child. What Ruby did not count on was that Lucian, the King of the Underworld, would disguise himself and enter the competition. By the time Ruby learned the truth she was already pregnant with her son, Kesyl, and could do nothing to kill him because she knew Lucian would be watching.

Once Kesyl was born Ruby left him in the care of her priestess, Carita. She instructed the young Kindred woman to bury the baby alive. Carita refused to do this, so Ruby had her beaten and planned to publicly execute her. However, Lucian came to Carita's rescue and the two saved Kesyl. Lucian used his powers to cloak the young woman and his baby son, but when she was no longer able to harm him directly, Ruby set actions into motion that caused the entire planet to be destroyed.

Ruby did not get to celebrate her victory for long. She realized, several years later, that Kesyl had somehow managed to part a veil and take several hundred Kindred survivors offworld before the planet could explode. They ended up on Earth and made treaties with the Canadian government. In exchange for using their powers to fortify and improve Canada's natural resources, the Prime Minister agreed that the Kindred who had come through the veil could become Canadian citizens.

While Kesyl managed to save some of his people, and himself, he also managed to activate the curse Ruby put on him. Lucian will not be able to find the boy on his own, and without his father's protection, Ruby is certain it is only a matter of time before her baby-turned-biggest-mistake will be erased from the history books permanently...

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