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The Basics
Name: Zakariah

Race: Immortal

Physical Age: 20

Actual Age: 10,000

Birthday: December 13th

Sign: Sagitarius (fire)

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Dark Blue

Interactions With Others

Friends: Kyden, Sarena

Enemies: Kesyl, Avish

Crush(es): Cait, Amy

Pet(s): Cerberus and Cujo, the three headed miniature hell hounds.

Hot and Not

Hobbies: Zakariah likes to read, talk his dogs for walks and spend time with his dragon, Onyx. He tries to get Cait to go into New Haven with him but she hates him from word go and wants nothing to do with him. He doesn't meet Amy in book one, so my lips are sealed there. ;)

Favorite Food: Zakariah has never been born, has never had food and has never had an interest in trying it. When Cait showed up this changed, but he wanted to experience it with her and she wouldn't go anywhere with him so he still hasn't gotten to taste any food to *have* a favorite.

Dream Car: (Who needs a car when you've got this?)

Artwork by Snail-City.

Up Close and Personal

Best Quality: If Zakariah truly loves someone he cannot hold a grudge. People he really cares about are so few and so infrequent that he is desperate to protect them from everything--including himself. No matter what mistakes they make.

Worst Quality: Zakariah's temper is like a volcano--it likes to explode. He is a very powerful fire mage, and a Sealer to boot. He has to be very careful to keep his temper in check, especially when upset with someone who matters to him, or he could very seriously (and permanently) hurt them.

Greatest Strengths: Zakariah is the God of Judgement. He can take people's souls and is one of a handful of people who can open the veil between Earth and the Underworld. He knows how to possess people and is willing to do this if necessary, despite how much of a strain it is for him. On top of this, he is very smart and is a very powerful fire mage. You really don't wanna fight this guy.

Greatest Fears: Zakariah is afraid that he will remained trapped in the Underworld forever. He wants to go to Earth and experience what it means to be alive. He feels that the fact that he hasn't is impacting him as a Judge for the Dead. He also wants to find someone who will actually love him, but he secretly wonders if there is something about him that is inherently unlovable.

Zakariah's Music Quote
Ever and ever, sweetly you'll romance her
Trouble is the answer will be
That Amy'd rather stay in love with me.

Once In Love With Amy by Frank Sinatra


Zakariah was Ruby and Darius' first son, born thousands of years ago when they actually got along. Things turned sour between them when Lucian criticized Ruby's constant need for more power and control. She fled the Underworld and expected Zakariah to do the same. However, he agreed with his father. In her rage Ruby cursed him, saying that since he was forcing her to flee the Underworld alone, that he would spend his life alone as well.

Lucian tried to console Zakariah, telling him that her powers would no longer work here and that what she had cursed him with wasn't something that was actually under her control. Unknown to them, though, Ruby took the scroll that was to be dropped into the Soul Well to summon Zakariah a body. Without it, he became trapped in the Underworld.

Lucian eventually came up with a plan to get Zakariah's body and soul united, but when Ruby realized what was going on, she and her priests used magic to bar Zakariah's soul from entering the body. Because of this, Kesyl's soul did and that is how he came into being.

Since then, Zakariah has been waiting for a chance to somehow oust Kesyl's soul from the body that was meant to be his. When Sarena comes to the Underworld because of smoke inhalation, Zakariah uses it as an opportunity to have someone track Zakariah down and lead him to his doom. If he plays his cards right, he might be able to experience being alive with the girl he pledged himself to. But when Sarena returns and has obviously fallen in love with Kesyl, Zakariah has new problems to face that he never expected. Let them be happy? Or proceed with his plan to have Sarena for himself?

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