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Adventure, Magic, Love, Redemption.

Sealer's Game

Book One of The Sealer Saga
Available October 22nd, 2019!

I  live in a small town in Ontario, Canada with my parents, two younger brothers, and three mischievous little dogs. I studied English and Cultural Studies at Trent University. While there, I took a course on Oral Narrative that cemented my desire to share my stories with the world. 

When I'm not being randomly awakened by my characters at 3 a.m. telling me to "Write this down!", I can be found:

Hell hath no fury like a goddess scorned…

As Champion, Carita of Bel Auryn thought she would spend her days fighting demons. Instead, she is drawn into the latest scheme of the Moon Goddess, Ruby: a contest to choose a man who will have the "honour" of fathering her child. When Ruby encourages Carita to choose a man for herself, she picks the man she is most drawn to--and immediately regrets it.

Lucian Veradayne is the Lord of Death. He knows he must win Ruby's game at any cost. It doesn't matter that he has avoided her for two thousand years, nor that she tried to kill their first child. And it really doesn't matter that he would rather woo Carita. The Soul Well has given Lucian a prophecy: he and Ruby must have another child. A child who will save the world. 

Dealing with their mutual attraction will be the least of Lucian and Carita’s problems. They are not the only ones who have been drawn into Ruby's game. Someone else wants to win. Someone who wants Ruby dead. Will Carita and Lucian be able to protect Ruby long enough for a victor to be named? And if they succeed, will they walk away from each other to ensure the prophecy is fulfilled?

Sealer's Game


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